Rice Diet Program Says Goodbye To Weight-Loss Patients

Rice DietA lot of diet plans that have been introduced in the market like South Beach and Atkins that had their share of the spotlight, but one of the earlier diet programs, particularly the Rice Diet that started in the 1930s, has closed its doors and said goodbye to its weight-loss patients.

The idea of this Rice Diet has come from its founder, Dr. Walter Kempner. It was originally designed to prevent the risk of diabetes, high-blood pressure, as well as heart disease. However, since it also had a huge effect on weight loss, it has become popular with a lot of celebrities during the period. The program’s success back in those days resulted in a partnership with Dr. Kempner and Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, the venue where he ran one of the first ever weight-loss clinics there.

Despite of the program’s early success, it has faced a lot of overwhelming obstacles in the long run. The writer of the series of books on Rice Diet, Kitty Rosati has said that the business experienced the greatest challenge during the recession period. She also added that her husband, Dr. Robert Rosati, who was then the owner of the Rice Diet Program brand, was “ready to retire.”

Aside from these reasons, there was also the advent of different scientific discoveries on weight loss during that time. This has resulted in an increase in competition. Amy Jamieson-Petonic, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, has said that people have constantly looked for what’s the hottest, latest, and greatest program. With that statement she then added, that the Rice Diet might have simply “fell out of popularity.”

Rice Diet1In spite of three potential buyers to restart the diet program, Dr. Rosati’s efforts to sell the brand have failed. Duke University has also cut its ties with Dr. Rosati and the program back in 2002, and this was roughly five years Dr. Kempner’s death.

Although the Rice Diet Program has closed its doors, there is a new undertaking led by John Aycoth that could be worth more than $1 million. He has made his intention clear to hire Dr. Frank Neelon, the medical director of the Rice Diet Program in the past, along with the other Rice Diet employees. He called the program “Rice House Healthcare Program” that is taken or patterned on Kempner’s principles.

In an interview with Aycoth, he has said that there is still an important need for those medically supervised diet clinics since obesity as well as the other illnesses that go with it has never been more felt in America and other developing countries.

Is Hoodia A Fad Or A Fact?

HoodiaIt is undeniable that various weight loss treatments have been immensely popular these days, some are true, but a lot of others are not. This may be the reason why a lot of people are having a hard time choosing the diet plan that will suit the goals that they have. Which one must be trusted and which one must be ignored? These are just some of the questions that must be answered. On the other hand, have you heard of the Hoodia? This might be the answer for all your questions.

What is Hoodia Gordonii? This is a simple cactus plant that can be found in the beautiful forest of South Africa. This has gained popularity because of the help that it can provide to the dieters. This has been proven to have the capacity to reduce the weight of anyone who will eat it. This plant has evolved already and transformed into supplements, making it easier for buyers to avail of.

Hoodia1Is it safe? Of course, it is hugely crucial for us to know about this fact. According to the research that I have conducted, this plant has been eaten by the native people since the ancient times. Actually, this plant has been their companion in fighting against hunger. Fortunately, there has been no other side effect that has been reported.

How does the weight loss process go? One experiment has been conducted to make sure if the said dieting pill is effective or not. One person is tasked to take the pill. And for the whole day, she does not crave for any food or drink. This is how the dieting process will work, you will not ask for food, which will eventually result to weight loss.

Do you want to see results instantly? You can be slimmer and sexier in just a couple of weeks.

Are You Cheating On Your Diet?

Cheating On Your DietThere are many known ways to lose weights, and there are also different ways to motivate a dieter to keep on going until he reaches his goal. When losing weight, one of the things that make it fail is the fact that a person might not have the dedication to commit to the plan. And most of the time, people would cheat on their diet just so they can eat the foods that they like, which they have sacrificed for the diet. However cheating on your diet does not need to be the case, it can actually help you be motivated and happy while doing your diet plan.

If you are having a dilemma on whether to totally remove those unhealthy but tasty foods you love for the sake of losing weight or not, it is not a good sign. Conditioning the mind to do the diet willingly is important. But there also could be times when you can consider pampering yourself with foods that you love and Cheating On Your Diet1still be on a diet.

When doing a specific diet plan that limits you food selections and removes those tasty foods on your list, you should consider having a ‘cheat day.’ This could be once a week when you are free to eat the food you crave for. However, you must keep in mind not to over eat, though. To cheat on your diet is not bad especially if it is part of your recovery plan. This will make you feel better and will make you feel less deprived of the foods that you love.

It is not wrong to eat the foods you love once in a while. Actually it could be a great encouragement to you or as a reward for your hard efforts and for the time you committed to your diet and exercise routine. But always keep in mind that this must only be for a limited amount and should be once a week only.

Being Healthy On A Budget? Is It Really Possible?

Healthy On A BudgetMost people would groan once they look at healthy food regimens in the internet, and of course, they will be making up their minds that losing weight could be very pricey. Keeping or maintaining a good health could be a little pricey if you do not know how to be wise on your food choices, particularly about their prices. Staying healthy on a budget is definitely possible as long as you know some of the simple things that are less expensive and are typically found in your kitchen and fridge.

To be healthy, one of the things we must do is detoxify our body. Of course, there are many products that can do the trick, but would make a toll on yoHealthy On A Budget1ur monthly expenses. To flush those toxins from your body without spending that much, go for 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking water can definitely help in naturally flushing those bad toxins away.

In your food selections, try to compare and contrast one food to another. Some foods could give the same effects but could come in a much affordable price, just like choosing blueberries over acai. Both have this anti-oxidant effect but blueberries will surely win the price battle. It could also help you stay healthy by limiting intake of salty foods as well as junk foods which are known for contributing bad effects to our body especially in weight gain. And instead of eating out, it would be much better to have home cooked meals which can save you a lot and will also give you the right nutrients that you need.

You do not need to spend a lot of money just to be healthy. Sometimes all it takes is to make the right and wise choices. And if you take time to choose and compare, you will be amazed with the great effects this could give to your health to your budget as well as. Healthy living should always be something affordable.

Tips To Overcome The Obesity Scare

obesityDo you know how to prevent obesity and be spared from its health complications? In the event that you have an eating disorder, which is making you gain weight fast, then the information we are about to share here will definitely be helpful and useful for you. While combating obesity is not easy to accomplish, we will remind you that getting this job done is not impossible especially if you are well informed of the things you need to do.

Below are some of the tips on how you can prevent obesity from happening in you:

• Always be physically active. There are many things on how you can stay active in your daily life. You can join the fitness programs where most of your friends and relatives are enrolled to or you can play your favorite outdoor sports such as basketball or tennis. By participating in these activities, your body will be compelled to burn more calories everyday, which is required in order to prevent fast weight gain.

• Stay away from junk and fast foods. If there are foods you need to avoid, then these are none other than the ones that are usually served in the different fast food restaurants. According to several health studies, the foods that are served in your favorite fast food restaurants are lacking in the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. Most of the foods here are high in calories, fats, and sugar, which are all detrimental in the success of your weight loss goal.

• Drink lots of water. Instead of drinking sugar laden drinks such as soda, it is much better to consume obesity1lots of water since this beverage is free from any sugar content that can make you lose control over your weight gain. Water is also efficient in keeping your body hydrated unlike the other beverages that will only put your health at risk.

By following the tips we have shared here, the risk of suffering from obesity will be lessened and you will be assured that you will be safe from the severe complications of this weight problem.

What Is The Best Month To Lose Weight?

Lose WeightDo you why most chefs consider November the best time to lose weight? For sure, the answer to this question will grab your attention especially if you are experiencing some difficulties in getting rid of your excess weight. For sure, there are lots of questions that you are desperately looking some answers for. Why are you still struggling with your weight loss programs while most of your friends are doing great with their diets? Is it because you are not using the latest program or is it because of other factors?

If you have been looking for some answers to questions that keep on bothering you, then allow us to help with some information we have here.

If you will ask most chefs today, you will be surprised with the same advice that they will give you – start losing weight during November. You might ask the question that is asked by most people upon hearing this question, “Why the month of November?”

While most of us have the habit of making our pledges that we will do anything to get rid of our weight at the beginning of each year, some experts will recommend that you start achieving your goal in November. The month before Christmas is Lose Weight1a perfect time to lose weight as this will condition your mind the importance of fighting temptations to eat delicious and fatty foods once the holiday season starts.

While the challenge to fight temptations to eat delicious foods is not easy to do, you can achieve this task by making some proper preparations. One month before the festive mood hit your house is enough to give you those ideas whether you are capable of resisting eating foods that you are not supposed to eat.

Given that this tip comes directly from the mouths of some best chefs, following this suggestion is definitely worth your time and effort.

Less Salt, More Veggies In School Lunches: Substitution And Better Planning

Less SaltLess salt, more veggies in school lunches! This has been the campaign of the first lady, Michelle Obama and the Department of agriculture in United States. It is every mom’s goal to see their children eat vegetables and other nutritious foods. But unfortunately, based on the recent statistics, almost all children and teenagers are having troubles when it comes to dealing with fruits and vegetables.

It is very hard to insist something that your children do not want. But you must never let them rule over you. It will be best if you think of ways on how to make the scenario much lighter and easier. How to make it possible? Here are some of the actions that you can try.

• Make better pizza. We all know that pizzas are rich in salt. But avoiding the will be burdensome for our children. Therefore, it will be better if we make pizza with nutritious toppings. For example, you can put some veggies and pineapple instead of having pure meat and cheese.

• Switch to fruit juices. A great lunch will never be complete if not paired with good beverage. Instead of letting your kids Less Salt1have a sip of the various sodas and energy drink, switching to fruit juices will be far better. Nut it must be noted best results will be achieved if you only squeeze fresh fruits.

• Find better complement for the dips. Children love junk foods, and these are very rich in salt. Why not pair celery with dip rather than chips? Or why not combine the two? Total avoidance of the comfort food may be very hard to materialize. Therefore, lessening them through substitution will be the best course of action.

Creating a better lifestyle for your children will never be impossible if you take time planning it. There are lots of ways, you know. And it is for you to find out!

Upset With Your Weight? Use The Relacore Fat Burner Now!

Relacore Fat BurnerIf you are upset with the way people treat you because of your weight, then it is about time that you pay attention to the weight loss supplement you are using. If you are not satisfied with the one diet product you are using, then there is no reason why you should not consider replacing it with a much effective brand just like the Relacore fat burner. Yes, this is the same brand of weight loss supplement that most dieters today are using.

Why you should replace the diet pill you have been using for several years now with a new one that you are not familiar with? This is one question that could stop you from buying this product, especially if you have already invested much of your money in your current weight loss supplement. However, this is basically the point here, after using a product for some time and still not giving you the desired result, it is just right that you turn your attention to other products.

The Relacore is one of the diet pills that deserve your attention and money. Even if you ask the people who have used this product, you are expected to be overwhelmed by the positive feedbacks and their recommendations to use this fat burner pill.

There are various reasons why the Relacore is perfect to replace your old and unreliable diet pill. In case you are hesitant of making the switch, then we have prepared some factors that could change your mind.

Here are some of them:

  • This diet pill is comprised of the effective ingredients that can help you shed your excess weight. Some of the active components of this weight loss pill are the following: Passion Flower, Perillia, Panax ginseng, and the Relacore Fat Burner1Magnolias bark.
  • Most people who have used this product are satisfied with the fast result they have obtained from using it.
  • This product is also called the belly fat pill due to its effectiveness in shredding the fats in your tummy.
  • Besides shedding the irritable tummy fats, this diet pill can also improve one’s mood, which is something that other products are not capable of providing.

After giving you the essential details about this fat burner, which is getting lots of attention these days, replacing your current diet pill will now be much easier to do.

How Effective Is Your Weight Loss Supplement?

Weight Loss SupplementWill diet supplement work for you? Fat chance! Have you heard someone asked this question and give his answer at the same time? If you will analyze this question, one thing that you will surely notice is that there is an impression that diet supplements are not made to benefit everyone who will take it. If you used to think that a diet supplement is the ultimate answer to your weight problem, then we will remind you that this misconception of yours must be corrected immediately.

In case you think that you can lose more weight by adding green tea to your diet, then you must be prepared to be disappointed since there is no assurance that you can get rid of your excess fats by just doing this thing. The same can also be said to the different diet supplements, which can be bought in various stores today, such as the over-the-counter diet pills, appetite Weight Loss Supplement1suppressants, high-fiber crackers, and many more,. Although you are provided the wide selections of these products, there is no assurance that you can get a decent result just by trying any of the cited products.

According to the study that has been conducted by Melinda Manore, a nutrition professor at the University of Oregon, the different  weight loss supplements that you will see in most markets today are not guaranteed to shed off your excess body fats. You will have to settle for the trial and error method first, before you can find the right one that is capable of suiting your needs.

While there are some people who will share their inspiring stories on how they managed losing their unwanted weights through the diet supplements they have used, keep in mind that it is much better to follow a balanced diet and to exercise regularly, in order to attain your preferred weight.

Can You Trust Diet And Exercise To Fix Your Weight Dilemma?

Weight DilemmaMost of the diet and fitness programs we are following today are not really capable of giving a consistent positive result, which only makes us in a more constant threat of obesity. Even if you are using the most popular weight loss method, you just cannot expect yourself to eliminate your excess weight by using this product for several weeks or months. It must be noted that the human bodies have different compositions and some of the diet products have the tendency to work against your body’s physiology. With the information we have give here, some people will start to ask the nagging question that for sure you also want to know the answer for – will diet and exercise really work for me?

If you will ask the top and the most knowledgeable weight loss experts, majority of them will surely put emphasis on the importance of following the right diet and performing regular exercises. They will also tell you to keep an eye to your caloric intake since this will determine how much weight you will be able to gain from eating particular foods. If your metabolism is functioning at a low pace then you have the habit of eating too much food, then too much calories entering Weight Dilemma1your body will be stored inside in the form of fats. These are the fats that people see in your tummy, underarms, and other parts of your body.

However, there are some diets and exercise programs that are not capable of providing the desired results. Because of this fact, some people are starting to lose their trust and no longer believe that the solution to their weight problems is found in diet and exercise.

Moreover, if you will analyze it closely, diet and exercise are effective in getting rid of your weight, if you will accompany these things with the right attitude. Having the right mindset is important since the task of losing weight is not easy and there are lots of obstacles that can force you to quit. However, if you will be able to condition your mind ahead of these obstacles, you are projected to succeed in attaining the best result from your diet and exercise program.

The Area Where BMI Has Raised Some Questions

bmiThere are various ways on how you can get your ideal weight, which are enough to give you some hope even if your weight is double than the person besides you. First, you can look for the most effective diet product in the market or enroll yourself to the best fitness program. You can also undergo the bariatric weight loss surgery, especially if you have the money to afford this procedure. However, since not all people can afford to spend their money in these things, there are some people who are left with no choice but to consult their BMI first, before they would make any decision. While BMI is established as the formula in determining whether you are obese or have normal weight, there is one possibility that deserves your attention, why your BMI can be misleading.

bmi1Yes, you read it right. Although BMI has been established as one way to determine your weight and see if you are obese or not, there are some studies that question the accuracy of this formula. BMI is also known as Body Mass Index and is widely used by most dieters and health organizations when it comes to verifying one’s weight. However, with the emergence of some studies raising some questions on this weight formula, it cannot be avoided that there are some people who will have a change of perspective regarding the use of this formula.

One factor that makes some people to doubt the credibility of BMI is the fact that it does not include the amount of the body fats distribution. It must be noted that the fats stored in the belly are much dangerous when compared to the fats found under the skin. It is because of this fact that, somehow, encourages some questions in the effectiveness of BMI in concluding that your weight is safe from reaching the obese level.